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You create your own rules, when you’re a goddess such as Victoria Blaze. That’s when she consented to become a plaything in Mistress Victoria’s secure, what Tess learned. Obedience you mind without protest, is what I need, woman, Victoria said; and Tess knew that she was destined to comply. Among their most early sessions demonstrated what Victoria’s whims may be like. Tess had been bound by her ankles and wrists and trapped on a desk. A blindfold place her in the dark, but at the zone of submissive space. What was the meaning of the panties she had to wear, which had any kind of mooring foundation? Tess felt her Mistress running a cane over her body. . .would she be whipped? But she destroys the musk of their Mistress’s asshole because the goddess’s lips pushed against her queen’s voice and her face over demanded cunnilingus descending alongside her nose. What a beautiful bliss, to be informed what to do and just do this! It left her nipples hard. Then Tess felt that the Mistress stand on the floor . What she draped across her entire body? Some sort of fishnet, it felt like! Tess felt like her goddess had truly caught her not in a net, but in a internet. . .the fishnet tickled her feet and felt strange on her face and shape. It was as though she had been at a cocoon. . .Mistress Blaze tickled her feet together with the suggestion of the cane. She noticed some slurping and sucking, and could sense a dildo being attached to the base on the very front of her panties, then even. . .and afterward she might sense Mistress squatting down and climbing onto the table and then holding the cock and shoving it reverse cowgirl style, the rhythm of her fucking pressing the bottom of the dildo against Tess clit. . .oh god she got wetter and wetter from this shameful utilization of herself as nothing but a part of furniture, a dildo-holder. . .she felt Mistress turn round to confront her and ride her that way, and she flinched only for a moment from surprise since the goddess pushed her tits on Tess’s face to get support and then squeezed her nipples. . .and afterward the Mistress awakens her tongue! What a present! Frenched from the Mistress! It was a day for servant Tess, cumming like a tiny monster below the burden and whims of her queen!

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