Gage –


Gage, a Texas 21-year old college student is currently studying. HeA has been bodybuilding since his teens and managed to put on some muscle for his 6’6″ frame. Although heA has competed in a couple of competitions, I found him when he was not competing. His body hair is completely natural. HeA has a charming, boyish appearance with a muscular and hairy body. HeA loves making jokes, and is always smiling. HeA’s straight, he likes the girls and is not currently dating anyone. One of his most striking characteristics is how conservative heA is. Gage comes from a religious background and is very conservative in all aspects. HeA’s open to sexual experimentation and is very curious. HeA’s an interesting dichotomy, and IA’m excited to see how his experiments progress. HeA is sweet, intelligent, smart and very sexy.

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