Gel Supply Delivery –


Scene Jamie Jackson in hot water again Her boss usually leaves the check to the Gel Supply guy. But this time, he did it again. Jamie gets pissed because Jamie has to perform these Nuru massage favors in order to get the Nuru gel. She is lucky to find a young man who will do her favor. Tyler dives headfirst into JamieA’s wet pixie when he realizes whatAs going on. He is rewarded by a hot, messy blowjob. We then get to watch her care for him in the tub while she rubs his rough cock and plays with her natural tits. Jamie is eager to make a bed with this young man so she allows him to in and takes advantage of every second. Jamie gives him a sensual hot massage. She soon continues her earlier efforts by sucking him again, gently sliding her cock into him and then fucking until he spits on her wet pussy.

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