Gets Our Rods Throbbin –


Nicole Smith limbers up from the ballet studio in her brand new scene today, and we’re treated to a full series of her fabulous 7.5 bare toes. Standing on tiptoe as she goes on the barre, this Hungarian beauty appreciates the simple fact that we are watching her every move, even as she pulls her right foot to her mouth to get a lick, or sticks her high-arched left sole toward our starving eyes. Nicole sits on a chair for awhile, presenting her peds for our worship, but , by unpeeling her top, she teases us too. Whether she’s spreading her sweaty legs in her footless leggings, or sliding down the tights to allow us take a look in her pussy while she rubs it Nicole gets us in the grip of her soles! And wait till you see the previous sequence of photos when she presses her feet up . The reflections of her feet will get your rod throbbin’!

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