Grin and Bear It –


Cliff came to watch usthen and there we understood that we had fulfilled the Daddy’s epitome. Together with his salt and pepper , smoldering good looks that are Italian, along with a cock that has been rock hard from moment , this weeks update is a true find. He began undressing, and when the shirt and tie came off, there was a wife-beater underneath, and we expected nothing less!A very competitive, top-only kind of guy, Cliff told us about a few of his experiences in the leather scene, giving us some insight to exactly what that leather armband actually signifies. He surfs some porn at his deskuntil finally its simply too much for him and he sheds his pants and undies revealing the greatest yin/yang…a leather clad cock ring concealing beneath stuffy 9-5 business wear. Cliff leans back in his chair, stroking his dick until he spills a pool that is snowy over his crotch and thighs. He gives us an extra treat as he allows the camera as he drags up in the shower, include him. This Bear is sure to heat up your monitor and get your computer keyboard clacking.

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