Hairy dude gets his uncut.. –


Drake Temple is nervous for his first appearance on Men on Edge. To calm him, we tie his pants and blindfold his eyes. He grovels in his underwear and begs to be released after a bit of teasing. Branden Forrest starts to tease Drake using his tongue as we take off his underwear. Branden and Van attach clamps to Drake’s nipples, while Drake is surprised with vibrators that vibrate on his cock. Drake suspended in a hogtie while a dildo gets shoved into his stomach mid-air. Drake is tied to the bed with his eyes closed and a gag in the mouth while he teases the hitachi. Drake is subject to some tickle-torment, before Branden pulls Drake’s uncut hair. Van and Branden take a lot out Drake’s cock, before ending his suffering with post-orgasmic pain.

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