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Halloween is in the atmosphere and for many of us it reminds us of the Great Pumpkin. Poor Linus of Peanuts celebrity sitting at the pumpkin patch waiting to look. Well, we all know exactly how that one ended. While locating a pumpkin big enough turned out to be fruitless; then we could turn up among the stalks everMr. Jessie Alan. We know that Jessies thick, thick uncut 9 stalk is the object of several treat or trick (wet) dreams. Yes, we all pulled out the big guns. . .Bang, Bang! Jessies ring in All Hallows Eve as well as Ryan Buckleys EBD introduction. Ryan is currently both 23 and from Boston. Jessie is more of a flavor from Florida’s west coast. Jessies Halloween memory had been last years after he had nothing but candies and cut out the crotch of his trousers and dressed up as a pimp stuffed into his crotch. Now THATS a goody bag! Ryans best memory (or absence thereof) has been at his friends Halloween celebration & waking in his friends driveway. He didnt remember a thing. Nice. Jessie finds whereas the Holiday Ryan thinks is over rated is Easter, birthdays are more rated. It just seems like something Hallmark awakened to market more things… Were gonna let that simmer for a bit. On second thought, lets get these two naked until the thunder clouds start forming. lol ACTION!!! As they get to know each other theyre seated in their masks on the couch. Jessie moves nearer and he takes his mask off before he pulls Ryans tee off. Before Jessie goes in for a kiss, ryans comes off as well moments. They begin to make out since Jessies hands begin roaming. As he undoes Jessies jeans, ryan stays on the couch. Lets see that cock he coos because he slips down on his knees. He slowly peels down Jessies briefs and releases his throbbing penis. Jessie is growing by the minute and tough. Ryan takes it because he starts to perform his knob. Jessie groans because he gets his monster worshipped. Ryan knows exactly what hes doing and apparently hes the charmer that is cobra. Because he traces his tongue along its span he glanced in Jessies nuts that are thick. Jessie then gets Ryan on the couch where he could return the favor. Ryans rock hard penis is sucked on by him since Ryan watches him passing his meat. You need it? Because he strokes his python penis, jessie yells. Cmon Ryan replies as his thighs part Jessie in. Its utterly durty, tawdry foreshadowing. . .Jessie moves south to get that ass ready because he slips his tongue deep inside it. He licks and rims that hole because he strokes his rigid pole. He cleans his dick on Ryans lubed hole which makes him squirm. Ryan grunts in a mixture of pleasure and pain because he does his best to accommodate its girth, After he slips inside. Ryan takes it deep as Jessie proceeds to bury meat. Careful what you wish for, Mr. Buckley. Ryan is then bent by jessie slides and over back inside that hot ass doggy style. Ryans hole gives in and Jessie can now fuck that ass like that he wants to. He slaps his heavy balls up from Ryans ass as he fucks him deep. Ryan bites on his lower lip as hes designed to take this cock. Jessie then sits back and has Ryan ride him. At the moment, Ryan can be utilized to this candy cock and hes more than willing to dip up and down on it. Jessie figures as he begins to fuck up his thick prick into Ryan hell help him out. This really does the trick sending Ryans load out of the cock. He unloads all over Jessie who follows match. Jessie blasts his very own nut all over his bod. Wish that fit in your trick or treat bag? Mmhmm Dream on.Happy Halloween from all of us at ExtraBigDicks.com.

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