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I&severe;ve hired beautiful harem girl Stefania Mafra to teach me how to belly dance. Stefania arrives sporting her harem outfit that is complete like her half face covering and she starts to show me how to shake my butt. Her round ass moves but I could &severe;t figure out how to make my ass shake that quickly and hot. I sit her down and show her magical ring moving it slowly back and forth. Sexy Stefania´s eyes monitor the ring and she is soon hynotized. I tie her wrists behind her back which makes sure to smash her elbows and then put her limber body between my thighs. I inform the harem girl that I actually aren´t even interested in learning the dance, I’ve got her here to fuck my husband tonight. You see, my dear, he has a fantasy about a harem woman and you are perfect. Poor Stefania should´ve known that advertisements her services on severe & Craig;s List is risky enterprise. I laugh at her peril as I cross her ankles and bind them together. Stefania fights and yells once I grab her pussy before adding a wonderful crotch rope. The poor thing cries out once I yank it difficult. I watch as the girl that is sexy struggles inside her bondage and she starts to curse me. I fondle her body then and grope her tits I things a wad of cloth and pull her veil down. With many layers of elastic bandage sealing the gag in tightly I wrap her mind. I choose to add a bit more rope onto her and that I tie her wrists. I fulfilling extreme & my husband and chastise her;s dependence and I get her hogtied and pleasant. Well my dear time to await severe & my husband;s his fine cock and coming. I leave Stefania sobbing to her gag struggling .

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