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Haughty Shelly Dare my building is come to by the agent by the electric company. She is an uppity bitch and I am not going to allow her turn off anything. I grab a rag and press it up against her face until she drops down on a mattress. I begin to tell her exactly what I think of her behaviour as acute I;m linking her wrists behind her back making certain to crush her elbows tightly together. Beautiful Shelly sputters and coughs as she becomes fully awake and finds she is bound! She struggles as I add a crotch rope and pull her skirt up exposing her ass. I grope her tits and unbutton her satin blouse. The girl begins to yell, but I don&intense;t even feel sorry for her. I bind her ankles together at her begging me to let her go and laugh. I don&severe;t believe You shouldn´t’ve come in her high and mighty today with your mouth that is large. I tie her wrists and allow the bitch understand how this will use my bill. I tell Shelly I will get free power from her So she can, I shove a rag and then wrap her face over and over with elastic bandage ´t say the next word!! Shelly sobs into her gag as she understands fucked she is. I hogtie her and inform her that I´m calling my maintenance guy to have some fun with her while I get her company laptop and give my accounts some completely free electricity for another year or 2!! I abandon the haughty utility girl – gagged bound and fighting the mattress.

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