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1 look at that mane of shiny black landing onto his shoulders and it was simple to observe where 20 year olds Samsons name came out but we didnt figure instantly were going to add something brand new to the global spanning collection of horny breeder boys. . .our very first Hawaian.His epidermis is the colour of a mocha latte, his eyes kohl black with the cutest, smallest small brown nips weve ever found. Naturally hairless, store a single line of soft but dim trail that leads your eye into the greatest surprise of all of them, smuggled inside those light blue fighter is a 8 tiki torch with a fact shiny knob and two non handing nuts in a sofa as smooth as silk. He tosses his head reaches deep inside and his eyes glaze over as he hauls out that meat, the dripping head emerging from the thick folds like a hungry bear after a long winters 48, because he moves into an trance. Samson readily admits hes an ass man and, pardon the pun, whats good for the goose is good for his gander plus he monies up his own smooth, white lips and proceeds to roll up and hump his own fist like a man just released from jail! He allows a load rip that goes high in the air lands imperceptible to the ball behind him save one succulent splat that lands back on the sexy tanned stomach and rolls over. Aloha never looked

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