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Hi Guys I am Merilyn as you can see I am packaging a stand alone. I really like having great big tits because each since they’ve cum round I’ve had two things to play with and wrap my hands . When this impulse to play over me, I was just about to step out on the town, I started yanking in my top and the next thing I knew I was taking my clothes off and pulling out my juggs and touching my breast. I began caressing my legs, massaging them all the way down to my feet and put up my feet and then I put back providing them a great long sniff and slipped off my shoes. I put my shoe between my tits and lifted my legs over my head, taking off my skirt as I continued rubbing my body around teasing my ego each step along the way. I received right into Doggy and dangling my body back and forth, sticking my ass as much as I could, getting myself more excited because I drug my thick tits across my sheets. I began rubbing my feet and pulling it up in my ass and realized way back and then as I laid back down in my bed, I pulled up my foot into my mouth for a taste. I moved hanging my big tits right across the side from behind hammering myself every single way I knew 32, as I rubbed my feet together. I got back to dog and began pulling my panties down before deciding to stand out and shoot them completely off taking a moment to play with my tits rubbing on them and my sexy that were huge nips. I started rolling my nylon down my leg believing as much as I like to play to take off them would be such a waste and sat down in the foot of my bed. I laid down extending my nylon and pulled it. Now that has been far more exciting. What do you believe? I rubbed at my nylon around tits and my sexy nipples like crazy and I pulled it up and then caught my foot and gave my butt a fantastic sucking. I placed my nylon between my legs and pulled it up tight tight, before using it again to tie my tits up, moving it back and forth. I got back and started pulling my tits throughout my sheets hammering myself like before and then I reached back and grabbed my nylon pulling it from feet. I used my nylons like a bra stuffing those big tits of mine inside, bouncing all of them about before untying them pulling them aside. I got back in my bed and grabbed my foot with my toes to play with my nipples as I rubbed against my pussy and played with my clit offering myself a great major orgasm.

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