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Hi Guys I’m Michelle, a horny and Hot girl .

I had a thing for showing off if it was anything to do with sex. I just liked the fact that I was able to kick my legs up and reveal my cookie and ass, when I was younger I was a cheerleader but I did care about sports at all. Naturally I rushed down to flaunt what I have when I learned about the opportunity and this casting to get my sexy ass displayed into the world. The casting itself didn’t take very long at all and they explained I did a excellent job before sending to a room in the opposite end of this hall.I walked into the area all dolled up in a sexy black dress and black high heeled shoes but my favourite of all my flesh toned fishnet pantyhose. I started massaging my thighs down and up lifting my clothes and caressing my body and stood in front of the couch and then I started rubbing against my legs and feet and got to the sofa, making me comfy. I pulled down my dress and then teased my nipples upright before getting lifting my feet up and taking it off. I took my shoes off, sat down and began rubbing my feet together and then running one up them the leg of another. I put down and started licking and sucking on the very long run of my shoe and then I reached down and began rubbing my enthusiastic and sexy pussy. I stated rubbing against my pussy and butt all over, teasing myself till I couldn ’ t take it any longer and have on my knees ripped my fishnets open. I started fingering my pussy and put down and that I rubbing and squeezing my tits, feeling how wet and warm I was inside made me more enthusiastic. I sat up and grabbed my dildo and began sucking it like a cock and then I gave me a pretty good fuck and slid inside my pussy. I ripped his fishnets from my feet and rubbed them together and I put all the way back and then licked and sucked my feet. I rubbed around my entire body and shot my fishnets off and after that I sat up and then squeezed on my feet and cut my toes. I put back down with my legs stretched my legs all of the way out as I can be, rubbing my feet together and wiggling my toes.

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