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I wake brutally jump to a pole in a dark dank cellar. My own entire body is closely bound to a pole – wrists ripped completely with my back with rope and then attached into a wooden stud. I attempt to move my toes but my ankles are tethered and tied to a ring at the base of this stud. My cries are muffled by the large red ball gag strapped in my mouth. I start to battle in my fear to find free but every motion of my body XXXX the crotch rope to spoil deeper into my pussy. I look up and understand that the conclusion of the crotch rope is pulled upward into a overhead ring and also the free end swings a few feet in front of my eyes. There is no escape although the ropes are pulled at by me. My panic escalates when I hear the door to the basement open and the click of high heels called the steps. I turn my mind to appear and am horrified to view Kelliann – my boyfriend&intense;therefore ex!!! I shout in my gag and plead for discharge, however, Kelliann has plans . She sucks smoke in my head and tells me how angry she is that I stole her man. She moans when I shout out and I watch in terror as Kelliann picks up a heavy gallon of paint and then ties into the close of the crotch rope. She drops the can and the crotch rope bites my pussy. Kelliann continues to torment me my underwear and pulling my tits out of the bra. She grabs a Hitachi magic wand vibrator and begins to stimulate my pussy pushing it up from my clit. My body betrays me as I groan in pleasure and pain. Kelliann berates me and flaunts a set of nipple clamps. I shout and beg place her vengeance is without mercy and she succeeds to clamps to my poor nipples. I sob in pain because my nipples are crushes, but Kelliann nevertheless is finished with me . She pulls on the swinging paint can closer and ties that the nipple clamps to the heavy gallon of paint. Kelliann proceeds to perform my pussy finished with the vibrator along with the vibrator wins out – I have a bursting XXXX orgasm. Kelliann contines to me. She informs me she’s leaving but not before she provides the heavy paint can one massive push. She strokes the paint will stretching my nipples out. The pain is excruciating and I cry out sobbing and crying in my gag knowing I’m totally bound and clamped and Kelliann will return and there’s absolutely no escape.

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