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Ariel X on the decades has transformed herself into the premiere physical exercise bondage model of our creation. Adaptive, muscular and sexy. This is merely a good, old style, brutal hogtie, with back to fundamentals; caning and cumming. With palms upward her wrists bound on her waist, and her elbows bound with a rod, Ariel discovers when your expertly bound that that brute power and those muscles mean nothing. Her legs are bound to the pole her elbows maintaining her legs spread apart, and pulled upward, are tied to. Her flawless ass and pussy are exposed from behind and we intend on making Ariel beg and plead to cum. We tear orgasm after orgasm out of Ariels helpless body. She tries to resist, but neglects miserable because we all make her cum again and again. When we believe she cant physically handle any orgasms we hike up her to the air and let’s endure at a brutal Category 5 Stroller. Resistance is futile, although she struggles desperately to find liberated. .

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