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I haven&severe;t paid my car note in more than five weeks but I&severe;m not overly stressed about it since I&severe;t always managed to finagle my way out of those situations. I see a business woman analyzing the auto right I my drive and I find out she’s out of the repossession company here to make arrangements to repo my beautiful car. I advise her to come in and that I will write her a check. I hand her a glass of water and attempt to bribe the haughty broker with some cash. It doesn&severe;t take long for her to turn into woozy and enjoy putty in my handson. I move her body between my legs and I rope up her elbows tightly together because she slurs her words and mumbles. I bind her wrists then unbutton her lace blouse exposing her big tits. Nyxon yells because I stuff a pair of underwear into her mouth and then seal them in with many layers of bandage effectively cleave gagging her. I grope her own body then push her down into the floor and include a tight crotch rope giving the raven hair MILF a camel toe. I tie her thighs together then proceed down to her slender ankles including more rope. Nyxon struggles and squirms from the tight ropes giving me a nice display of her ass. I tell her I need to bring another rope to finish off her in a hogtie. She’s furious and I abandon her bound, gagged and helpless. This arrogant bitch won&severe;t even be repossessing my car any time soon!!!

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