Holiday Orgasm –


Lola Taylor aka Baby L is prepared to observe Easter weekend, even dressed in blue halter top her blue denim cut-offs , cowgirl hat, and shiny gold boots. Mugur, also dressed in Western mode, gives her a huge chocolate bunny as a gift.She enjoys the candies while he reveals his respect for her tastes. Subsequently she rubs her mouth with his inches.Mugur takes her boots off and sniffs her toes and sucks her dimension 6.5 Russian toes, although he also gets to put his fortunate dong inside her tight lettuce too!Our hero kneels until Lola, glomming on her toes while fingering her buttocks. He also boffs her style, but also sets his shaft between the sure strokes of her curling soles that are delicate. Even as he plows her some more, she keeps sticking her toes , thus we are able to appreciate their beauty.With her footjobbing skill, Lola coaxes a massive mess of semen that glitters on her ankle in the end–as she mischievously goes straight back to munching on her chocolate bunny. Lola truly grabs Model of the Day honors with this new spectacle that is thrilling!

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