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This week, a new face joins the ranks. This 33-year-old New Yorker has much to boast. Brenden Cage is quite the character. His personality is outgoing. He can be funny because he is a good friend to both sides. Brenden, a typical New Yorker, loves the Big Apple and is fond of recommending his favourite pizza to friends back home. RayA’s Pizza has an important place in Brenden’s heart. Brenden entered the industry as he wanted to be laid all over, and he thought he could make a living at it. He loved to go home with the girl he picked up for his favorite orgasm. He was supposed to have a sex with her, while she watched. Her husband began to eat her ass while he was having a fling with her. He was ecstatic and had a wild orgasm. He loves to fuck while getting his sex. HeA believes that less is more. HeA admits heA is into many partnersA’ and heA also says A ‘…. This exhibitionist loves to display his massive frame. He is welcome to bring his Pepperoni toppings for us whenever he wishes. ItAAs certainly good food. Brenden sits on the sofa and cannot wait to start. It’s easy to see that he is an exhibitionist. He enjoys the feeling of knowing you are watching every movement. After examining his chest, he begins to remove his tank. After removing his shirt, he begins to examine his large chest and broad arms. Brenden makes love to the camera all throughout, making it look like an expert. As his legs hit the ground, he slowly slides off his shorts. After removing his socks and shoes, Brenden slowly begins to show his growing cock through his shorts. Brenden is a hard worker and it shows. His legs are strong and muscular. He teases us as he reveals the final layer of his vestment to our amazement. Brenden is a master at sex. That little trampA was so utterly sexy, his husband just watched him do it. HeA is the only one. BrendenA is an amazing man. Brenden is very aware of what he’s doing. As he bends down on the couch, Brenden gives us an impressive performance. He opens his big muscular sex and lets us play with it. He’s a ninja! Brenden holds onto a pillow to cover his swelling cock. This is his final layer of protection before the real deal. Brenden enjoys the chase and will make sure you do all the work before showing you what you want. As he stands over the camera, he gently strokes and lubricates his cock. Slowly, he twists and swirls his fist over the engorged bones. Feel free to open your mouth and say “Aaah!” Brenden sits down on a chaise and jacks his swollen flesh. Brenden jacks his chicken deliberately to give you every moment of enjoyment. He soon finds himself lost in his private paradise. Brenden admitted that he enjoys thinking about his own jacking off as he jacks off. It’s a strange thing, but it is normal for the industry. We can see his breath work as he speeds up his cock. Brenden seems to be in his own space and forgot all about the sensual session. Brenden is a man on mission and will not be able to keep up with the speed at which heAs moving. He has his eyes closed and now his fist blurred. As he prepares for the last fireworks, he grimaces. He grunts as his body tightens. HeAAs camming, and it’s all on his beautiful abs and cock. Whew. Poor little New Yorker. It’s time to take a break.

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