Hot Bodies Bella Rossi and.. –


A couple of the latest bodies and many celestial asses in the industry come together to extend our associates with an overloaded butt madness! Savannah Fox and Bella Rossi are no stranger to the anal play of Everything so both waste no time diving right into the action. First Savannah makes Bella submit for her domineering and sadistic goals. She toys with her and tests the limitations of her depraved sensuality. Slicing her off lingerie showing Bellas perfect pussy and tight asshole. Savannah dives in profound and inhales the intoxicating fragrance of scents emanating from Bellas celestial buttocks. She licks and licks her butt hole and then warms it up for the extreme anal penetration that is coming. After Savannah sees how hungry her asshole is she probes it using the little end of enormous butt plug. Bella purrs and yells from the utter bliss of experience and begs to become penetrated deeper. Savannah pushes deeper and grins with pleasure as her submissive female slaves asshole gapes and squeezing the massive anal toy. Savannah toys with Bellas sensitive clit by the conclusion of vibrator and she promptly cums from the stimulation. Since Bellas body gyrates and quivers from the very first of many multiple orgasms she gasps and begs her mistress to get more. And Savannah is only too pleased to oblige and she sees a coy smile as she moans climaxes after orgasm from Bellas soul until they get painful and unwanted. And if Bella cant manage a second more of this torment Savannah awakens the cum slut into the ground and needs she chased her asshole. Savannah straps a massive dildo on Bella makes her cram it deep into her hungry buttocks. Bella becomes incensed with a crazy sexual fever and pounds Savannahs asshole. Everytime which Savannah cums she pulls the dildo out and gapes her tight butthole, spreading it wide open with her fingers. She makes Bella plunge her over and again until her delight reaches a fevered pitch and she squirts all over her submissive licks her from head to toe. Savannah rolls about in a pool of her own feminine orgasm, quivering and laughing with depraved delight.

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