Brazilian Stefania Mafra is now and an private eye that took pictures of me wishes to earn money. She was told to come to an industrial construction that was abandoned and enters a room with a mattress of a wooden chair and the ground. She&severe;s equipped so that she doesn&severe ;t attention. When suddenly she has surprised from behind, she sits on the chair and places her g and takes off her high heels to relax a little. She struggles to achieve her w-pon and I catch her roughly and after a small fight she manages to get away and runs. I deliver her back to the mattress and catch the bitch. I&severe;ve bound feet, legs and her hands and I gag her. I put in her tits and a tight torso and pull her shirt up. She is hogtied by me then tie her two toes tightly together with thin twine. Somehow the girl manages to escape the bondage and I foroce her down on a chair. I tie up her and begin tickling her feet with a feather. Poor Stefania struggles but it is useless and that I torment jumped toes and her feet mercilessly. The uncooperative latina refuses, although I need in which the incriminating pictures are she tells me. I go to look for the photos and ballgag her. Stefania looks around for her g and is ready to free herself. She runs into the door and fumbles that I surprise her drag her ass back to the mattress. I place the detective that is idiotic in a different hogtie and bind every single one of her feet with all the thin twine. Weak helpless Stefania wiggles her feet and her bare feet are filthy from the floor that is filthy and desperately tries to loosen the bondage but she makes absolutely no improvement. I inform the handsome Brazilian soldier she made greedy and that I leave her bound, gagged and unable in the room that is empty.

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