Hot KinkMen fan gets the.. –


Sebastian matches up with Hugh Hunter now, a enthusiast who fantasizes about receiving a bondage encounter beyond anything he’s had before. Sebastian obliges, stripping off the clothing out of his body and tying Hugh to a seat. Sebastian places a blindfold over the eyes of Hugh intensify the senses and starts worshipping the nipples Hugh’s bulging pecs. Hugh moans as Sebastian takes his time on Hugh’s throbbing penis, agonizingly teasing it with his own mouth before peeling out it. Sebastian borders Hugh again and againtaste the precum from his dick. With a double-Hitachi treatment on his brow and dick — accompanied by an elongated foot worshipping — Hugh still isn’t permitted to cum. Next, Hugh is chosen from the chair and bound into the pool desk, face down, ass up. With his balls in red twine, Hugh carries a dildo. The bum fucking creates the cum refusal increasingly more unbearable, but Sebastian continues the edging. Now flipped over on the pool table, Hugh gets his feet worshipped a time his bloated dick. Hugh receives additional borders and understands the prostrate massager that is large inside his bum. Pushing Hugh Sebastian makes it possible for the hunk to cum over his bound abs before hammering the hell out of his toes and tormenting his penis head.

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