House dom Trenton Ducati.. –


The Pit – House dom Trenton Ducati steps up to this challenge which 30MT has to offer. He starts bound from the pit since Van warms him up having some effect play. He pulls Trenton’s rock hard cock till he is standing on his feet. Since Van breaks out the flogger, Trenton begs for more. – The Chair – Locked from the metal chair, Trenton has electrodes tied his thighs down along with an electric ring wrapped around his cock. Van kicks it up a notch and attaches clover clamps all across Trenton’s ripped chest as the tormenting electricity surges through his entire body. – The Water Chamber – A metallic plug is shoved up Trenton’s hole to keep him in position as clothespins are clipped his sides down. One by one every clothespin is cropped off since Trenton screams in pain. He’s tormented once more with water sprayed into the face before Van milks a load from Trenton’s cock.

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