I tip toe round the yard peeping into the windows and see pretty blond home sitter Kendra XXXX around the sofa – a empty bottle of wine by her side. Perfect!! She looks really innocent, sweet and young is midriff belly baring top and her tiny denim skirt. I gently crack open the door and sneak up on the dumb girl with a speedy arm wrapped tightly around her throat. Shhhhhhhh!!! Don´you won & acute; t even and t even say a phrase! I&severe;m here for the safe. Kendra&severe;s eyes open wide in fear as I place my hands over mouth. I catch her arms and then tie them behind her back while the poor young thing sobs and shakes. Just remain calm small one along with you&severe;ll be fine. I question her about where the safe is and bind her knees together. The dumb blonde bimbo denies knowing where it is. I&severe;t had enough of the – you won´t talk you can&severe;t speak!! I shove a rag into her mouth and then wrap elastic bandage tightly around and around her pretty face. Hear sound coming out of the livingroom and I head off to get the safe. I visit Kendra Lynne in the doorway frantically grasping the deal trying to escape! Where do you believe acute you &;re moving missy? I drag the bitch back and put her onto the floor. No longer nice for you personally. I grab rope and tie her into a tight ball. Kendra sobs and cries under her gag, however it is too late for any shame on my conclusion. I add an additional rope around her ankles yanking her feet up against her thighs exposing her panties and her adorable young ass. Roll around battle and woman, but you & acute;re not going anywhere now!

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