The home owners are away on vacation and sweet Valora is home. I´ve been watching for months in the house to plot a robbery. I knock on the door and inform innocent Valora which I&severe;m the neighbor at the home next door and that I detected the puppy running in my own backyard. Valora panics thinking she&extreme;s allow the dog run off and I step in and immediately press a moist rag on her face until she´s down and out. I shove her down into a chair and bind her arms together behind her back making sure her elbows have been pushed painfully together. By thumping her face I wake her up and tie her down. I straddle her body and demand that she tell me where the safe is. However woozy, Valora says that she doesn & acute and then mumbles regarding the puppy ;t know where the safe is. Oh you insist on doing so the hard way missy?? I push till severe & Valora and then wrap my hand around her throat ;s eyes roll back into her mind. I awaken and she starts to get struggle and fiesty within her bondage. I tie her knees and her knees while she threatens me and calls me names. I laugh at her belligerence understanding I’ve all of the time and that soon she will choose to inform me where that safe is. I fondle her bit while the brat girl struggles and catch her pussy. I seal it in tightly with vet wrap until fairly Valora continues to be silenced and push on a rag in her mouth. I feel her tits and climb up onto her lap. I add an additional bit of rope and inform the college girl that she’ll stay bound and gagged for as long as it takes me to obtain the safe.

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