House-Sitting Ho’s Naughty.. –


Leggy Bella Lovez has way too much to drink tonight. She sits in the bar blabbing and bragging to the bartender about the way she stole cash from the company that she works for. She laughs and slurs her words oblivious that I am in the background listening to all this. I think of with her and she’s overly XXXX to be scared. The dumb blonde bimbo thinks I want to have a drink . I grab her slender arms and then XXXX them on the back of the seat cuffing her elbows along with a great cold metal shackle. Next put her wrists – handcuffed closely. The youthful blonde slinks down in the barstool and starts to give me a lip. Too late for this honey!! I barbell you ankle at a time leaving her jump to the bar stool struggling to catch up. How&severe;s that feel missy?? You feel you are smarter than I’m!!! Well guess what? I´ve already been around the block several times and I know how to deal with thieves just like you overlook pretty. I stand in front of her and slowly – oh so gradually – peel my lace panties and then dangle them right in front of Miss Bella Lovez pretty small face. She grimaces and tries her very best to struggle away from my smelly panties, but her efforts are useless. The dumb bitch won’t open her mouth so I catch her nose and pinch it shut until she has no option except to open wide to breath. I XXXX my underwear in her mouth and wrap her pretty blond head over and over and over with silver duct tape securing the panties inside her mouth and then silencing her protests. I don´t stop – I continue to coating the duct tape and above her eyes blindfolding that the bitch!!! Awwww – you poor thing. Let´s hear that you brag about stealing my cash today!!! I abandon the inebriated blonde wiggling and grunting to the gag wondering how I’ll seal her fate!!

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