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Mistress Lexi has taken a sissy slave back after a year of banishment, however, only on the condition he accepts all punishments she wants to dish out. Gagged and locked in a little cage, he actually does not have any option anyway.Lexi begins off by shocking him around his body using her electric prod; his back, buttocks, hands – his face! With every jolt, the servant jumps in pain, but isn’t any where to go; he’s helpless until her sadistic urges. When Lexi orders him to put up his bum to the conclusion of the cage, then the sissy believes he is finally going to find some anal play. He does but instead of her dildo baton, Lexi utilizes her shocker directly on his asshole! The slaves whole body leaps in pain, much to Lexis amusement. She subsequently does use the dildo for himbut shortly adds a twist. While fucking him with the baton, then Lexi shocks him well. The dildo compels him to remain still and accept that the shocks with no motion.

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