Inked Angels #04 –


Alexis Malone, a handsome, tattooed blond MILF, reveals her buttocks, shaved box and inked skin at a net hooker apparel; her heels make her taller than Mr. Pete. They kiss and make out, and Pete gets down to eat pussy and rim asshole. He rubs his cock in her ass crack that is sweet. Alexis gets cluttered, tonguing his bunghole and sucking dick. He spanks her cheeks pink through an extreme doggie-style plowing. Alexis cries, Give it to me! Their skin slapping, Because she rides his balls bouncing, Petes meat. They fuck in numerous places, spiced with choking and tit slapping. Pete fingers the sexy MILF, making her ejaculate girl squirt! Alexis kneels to get mouth-cleans that are lovingly and a cum facial Petes peter.

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