Interrogation 431: Hiker.. –


Tony Prower is tied in boxer shorts to a chair, blindfolded and gagged. As Riley Mitchell, his captor approaches, Prower struggles to maintain bondage. Riley Mitchell approaches TonyA and grabs his thighs, stomach, stomach and cock. He demands to know where TonyA is from and what he’s doing. Tony grunts when the crop touches his exposed skin. He is confused but maintains his innocence. It was a short hike. Riley doesn’t buy it. TonyA takes off his underwear to expose TonyA’s cock. After he has snatched TonyA’s head, a second approach was needed. Riley grabs his own cock and presses TonyA to the ground. Tony tugs at RileyA’s neck, taking every inch. He attempts to get away but gets the sharp stinging of the zapper. TonyA’s struggle and his yelps in pain make Riley more difficult. Tony works RileyA’s cock hoping that his captor will show mercy. Tony is not happy that RileyA has the sole responsibility of getting all information from Tony. With his arms extended, he ties Tony to the beam. TonyA is a slobbering, leaking, and uncooperative cock. Tony cannot escape, he must take each stroke to keep his innocence. Riley bends over Tony and tie his arms. After he clamps his arms along TonyA’s arm, he gives him the option of either RileyA’s hard fat cock or the zapper. Tony picks the dick, and is given a hard time by his captor. Tony weeps as Riley fucks his genitals. Riley then flips Tony onto his back and tries to get more of Tony’s fucking. Then he blows all his weight on TonyA’s face. Tony is relieved that Riley has let him go, but the torment is only beginning.

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