It’s All About Fun –


It is a mad bed wetting party within this movie when Sosha wets the bed on accident, Alisha pees her pants on purpose, and hot lesbian hijinks ensue.Things start off just enough in this scene, even with Sosha and Alisha snoozing peacefully in their beds. While Alisha is around the floor sosha is sleeping on top bunk. Alisha is woken from streams pouring down from the top mattress onto her. It seems that Sosha has peed in her bed, it’s soaked through the mattress and is presently leaking on Alisha.Alisha wakes Sosha, who is absolutely horrified to find that she has had an collision. Alisha isnt upset, although sosha apologizes profusely; She does her very best to guarantee Sosha that she doesnt have to feel awful admitting that she is kind of into pee. To demonstrate that she simply isnt attempting to create Sosha sense better, and really does have a piss kink, Alisha pees inside her leggings intentionally as Sosha watches.Seeing her buddy intentionally wet herself awakens something in Sosha. For a reason she cant explain, the entire situation is unkind for her. Realizing the effect she’s having to Sosha, Alisha pushes things. Sliding her hand into Soshas panties, and she begins to rub. Sosha reciprocates, rubbing Alisha throughout her moist leggings. They both climax. Alisha subsequently takes her wet leggings off plus then they go to bed snuggling another on the somewhat drier bottom bunk.

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