Jeffrey & Donny –


Jeffrey is soft spoken and respectful when hes fully clothed. But hes a certain young man with a large cock and a sexy Trainers body that stays rock hard once hes naked. He needs to run all the time? But half was great to get him and Donny started. Both are physically active and I thought that a wonderful run would provide them a bonding time. That could have been since Donny was a bit shy, although it was somewhat awkward at first. But once they had been alone together, the grin on his head when he started getting out with Jeffrey spoke volumes he was excited he had been going to let this guy fuck him.Donnys muscle size is bigger than Jeffreys but he totally gave himself over, sucking Jeffreys penis through his shorts and popping it out of the bottom of one of the leg openings. While they ran, I think when he could have, he would have done it! I state this because he had a tiny request… he wished to leave his jock strap while getting fucked… at least for a bit! I think that it had to do with needing an fuck session after a run! The jock strap gave Jeffrey something to grab a hold of and to pull Donnys buttocks directly onto his penis, and I loved watching as his hole obtained plowed, Donnys cock bounce. Nothing like watching a big muscled guy moan as a guy moves in balls!

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