Jessie Fulfills His Fantasy:.. –


When their dialogue moves into the topic of bondage Jessie Colter and owen Powers are hanging over at Owen’s place. It just so happens that Jessie has always been the fantasy of wrapping Owen’s muscled bod in ropes, although owen haven’t been tied up. Owen decides to provide a try to bondage. Owen is tight to chair and blindfolded while Jessie takes control. He strips down the stud, admiring his physique. Before Owen’s dick swells to full focus, it just takes seconds. Over and above, Jessie passionately sucks on Owen’s penis just but over the border and jerks. He leaving his buttocks wide open for your Shock Spot and binds him upright with his legs spread, chooses Owen. Owen grinds against the device Jessie gives his buddy advantage after edge fucking him. The pressure is unbearable for Owen, begging to cum since Jessie straps to his bed also continues to work with his dick. Before hammering his bum with a vibrating 22, jessie takes advantage of Owen’s spread eagle posture and tickles him all over. Owen eventually has consent to cum and blasts a load. Before Jessie returns to misery with a apple polishing he taste of his seed.

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