Jocked and Loaded –


MenOver30 is pleased to welcome back a familiar face and bring you a blast of the past. Joe Parker, the handsome man with big eyes and a bigger heart is back at MenOver30. Joe will be helping to welcome back Brant Dickson. Their chemistry is amazing. Joe loves BrantAAs gorgeous eyes, while Brant lusts after JoeAAs large arms. Both have taken care of their bodies. BrantA has lived the high life, working out every day and has managed to gain some muscle mass. JoeA is a very attractive man and heAs mainly a housebody. It was a question we had about whether they were able to travel anywhere on the planet and what they would take. Brant wants to travel on Safari in South Africa with his Dad. Joe had always wanted to visit Bali, but his interest has shifted towards Sydney, Australia. We asked men over thirty what their favorite thing is about being older. Joe says experience comes with age. Brant agrees with Joe that you can express your sexuality better with experience. A’Express Yourself!A”-that sound strangely familiar. Joe walks into the locker room to find Brant looking at a jock strap hanging from an open locker. Joe questions Brant about it. Although he has the shirt, he loves it. Joe pulls BrantAs pants towards him, and he tells BrantA that he prefers his. Do we need to say anything more? They start to have sex. As JoeA’s tongue explores BrantAs smooth pecs, their hands begin to move all over each other. They push their shorts further south, until they touch the ground. Brant seizes the chance to better understand the situation. He kneels down and places JoeA’s large cock in his mouth. Joe grunts and enjoys the warmth of JoeA’s hard cock. Brant looks up at JoeA’s throbbing, squirting as much as possible. Joe gets Brant up, so he can get down on BrantA’s cock. After letting Brant down, he turns Brant over and gets him to lie on his back. As Joe takes that hot hole out, his head wobbles. Brant’s tongue is growing hornier and it is not going to take long for him to get a lot more ferocious. Joe gets up, puts on his clothes and then slides his fat cock in that spit-lubed hole. Brant grunts a little as his stomach begins to relax. As his thick cock glides all the way in, A’FuckinA’ great holeA’ Joe coos. As Brant takes all of his body inside, he begins to fiss that ass. He taunts BrantA as he puts his face into the neck of BrantA as he deep fucks him. JoeA’s hot ass, Brant tries to get all the inside. Joe pulls up and lets Brant ride the meat. Brant then straddles Joe, and he begins to ride the same dick with the same conviction. Joe grabs Brant by his waist and helps him bounce on the meat. Next, Missionary helps Brant to his stomach before slipping his fat dick in for more. As he is getting his ass stretched, BrantA will beg for more. The cock works as BrantA gets his sweet spot, making him lose it all. Joe kicks in him, making BrantA cum more. Finally, he pulls out his own batch and dumps it all over BrantA.

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