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Here is the live July 12, 2013 webcast’s listed version. In this movie you will be able to watch before peeing in her shorts.At the start of the webcast as Sosha gets extremely desperate, Sosha needed to pee seriously! For her, it seemed as if there might have been a minor technical problem. We didnt want her to pee from her shorts when it could not be seen by any one, therefore that she needed to keep carrying. The result is that you get to watch Sosha get desperate to pee because she begs for any technical problems to be solved. At a couple points she even accidentally escapes a bit.Finally, with all the technical problems solved, Sosha releases a flood into her shorts. It’s an impressive sight- The urine keeps flowing without end. If she does eventually manage to stop worshiping she renders her wet panties as she lounges, relieved, about the sofa.Soon she needs to pee again. At the tip of the audiences she lays on the floor with her thighs. The camera zooms in for a while as she pees through her buttocks.

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