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Kayla Marie’s ability to breath through her nose for hours is the most fascinating thing about her. We didn’t require any introductions or preliminary interviews. Then, we got to the real stuff. Kayla Marie inhaled the cock in one breath. We placed it two inches away from her face. As she gnawed on the cock, her nose was covered in spit. Geez! Since the Coney Island hotdog eating competition, I’ve never seen so much gobbling. Kayla Marie is able to hold her breath like an oyster, but our man couldn’t take any more from her hungry mouth while he was working on his meat. He must have been pushed over the edge by the tongue ring that rubbed the shaft’s underside. He erupts in her mouth as she suckers him until he is exhausted. This isn’t a jerking away to get the money shot. He wanted to put his cum in her mouth, and she got even more. **Monique**

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