Khloe Kush –


Women skip town with the hopes of getting into some kind of mischief around. Khloe Kush purchased a plane ticket to L.A so as to find the legendary Mandingo. When shes home khloe enjoys also the sight of Mandingos large and porn, black cock gets her away. She now wants the real item and is all over town looking for his enormous cock. After no luck, goes home to masturbate once the real mccoy comes through. Khloe conveys a grin on her face that cant be wiped off, and she sucks on at it with 24, after admiring his cock. Khloe Kush didnt believe she has part of Mandingos huge slab of beef inside her mouth and its sufficient to receive her pussy. Khloe proceeds to slobber over Mandingos black tree trunk until she decides to slide him ….one inch at a time, obviously. Mandingos huge black cock slowly moves within Khloe so as to avoid her flying back home using a ruptured pussy. Khloes beef curtains that are amazing shake as a large cock makes its way and in her rib cage. The yelling coming from such a small package is unreal and Mandingos third leg proceeds to pound that tiny pussy. When her pussy hugs Mandingos black coco to the stage of no 21, khloes ordeal comes to a halt. The outcome? Khloe Kush understands a blast of black goo to the face that provides her whiplash.

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