Kim Gold in Butt Plug.. –


Lexi is keeping her servant overnight for an protracted training session. She wants to break him completely, both emotionally and physically. She has planned a series of endurance tests to battle her slaves endurance and submission.For the first test she makes her slave rebounds on rice, which becomes very painful very quickly. While the servant is hoping to suffer pain on his knees, then Lexi starts to whip his spine while he moans in misery.Next the slave was designed to endure the coin evaluation. Lexi places a coin onto the wall and the servant is ordered to keep it up along with his nose; if he drops it, he is beaten again. While the servant is holding up the coin Lexi lights up a cigarette and begins to blow smoke in his head, setting him up to fail. As soon as the coin hits the ground she’s ready with her leather strap to whip up his ass. Lexi whips his ass red then frees direct weights from his balls while she canes his penis with a thin but brutal graphite cane. Lexi switches involving teasing his cock hard then beating it soft again, experimenting with all the flashes of pleasure and pain.After Lexi has fulfilled her sadistic side she starts to tease her cock penis while she slips her strap-on cock in his ass. She thrusts her buttocks from his prostate while jerking his cock ever so slightly, keeping him to the edge and begging for cum. Lexi beings to stroke his penis harder with the rhythm of her hips as she drives her cock deeper in him. No slave can withstand a strap-on milking! The slaves body begins to shake, and then the cum shoots from his penis right onto his face. Lexi simply looks down and yells at the exhausted servant.

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