La Cherry Spice Long, Hard,.. –


Cherry is rock hard and ready from the beginning. Prince lays flat, spread wide on the bench. He is strapped down, exposed, vulnerable to device and every medical probe Cherry has within her laboratory. She pokes at him and takes a long metal pole , tickles him demands he stay silent even if the easy torture is a lot. Prince obeys as he can, offering his ass for his hard cock and fucking. Cherry milks her man while impaled stand on the one bar prison – a very long dick deep in his ass, shackles holding him. Prince shoots cum across the area and Cherry is happy. His ass is fucked by her in appreciation – something that is more painful than satisfying for Prince after a long, sexy orgasm. Cherry is unsatisfied and tough so he is bound by her to a fucking machine that pulls at Prince non-stop back and forth on her penis. His mouth is kept open by a gag therefore he has no option but until she cums and cums onto his face.

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