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An associate, Provost, published on the internet site message forums requesting cyd divert some of his attention to tormenting the toes versions that pass through the site.cyd determines to fulfill out the request, and if Calico arrives to her shoot, cyd pushes her limbs in stiff steel restraints. Her legs are locked in place with her dainty feet sticking straight up in the air. Strips of leather attached to her huge toes pull painfully, extending out and immobilizing her bare and sensitive soles.What occurs after that’s a longlong record. Rubber bands, caning, tickling, sharp wooden rods, paddles, whipping, scratching, etc., etc., etc.Though Calico’s feet are punished nonstop, the rest of her body doesn’t escape. A latex breath control hood with a very small hole in it blended with a tight metallic collar measured by breathing too quickly lest she intimidates herself and gets her keep her breath slow. Cyd gets the situation unbearably awful by slapping her hard over and over in all the very tender and sensitive places in her body – that the soft flesh of her inner thighs, her armpits, the tops of her breasts and also elsewhere until her skin is bright red with mad looking welts.Calico shows intense self control, mentally mastering her entire body and getting herself to breathe at a controlled method. Cyd rewards her letting her orgasm after orgasm till her legs are shaking from coming so difficult and spasming.

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