Like Girls But Need Dick?.. –


London Rivers wishes to your best sex of her life, and genie Cassie Woods looks magically from a lamp to satisfy her wildest dreams! Trussed in rope and rope on the bed, London seems Cassie up and down ,”I like girls, but I want dick,” she purrs, and Cassie gives her a knowing look. Whipping her skirt back to show a lustrous penis, Cassie is fast to shove her stunning dick down deep Londons throat, gagging her and making her spit all. Prepared and wet, the devious and beautiful Cassie takes Londons hole – pushing deep and far into Londons waiting, hungry cunt as she yells out her enjoyment. Cumming over and over on Cassie – early to the genie, then missionary, afterward in doggy – London confesses in cowgirl which shes never cum too much, and her desire was fulfilled! But Cassie isnt done with London ! She uses London because of her finely arched toes, moaning as her buttocks slides throughout her foot pussy and sucks following deliciously lovely toe on toe. London then straps onto a very long and thick cock, sliding it deep into Cassies little asshole, fucking her because Cassie begs for more and strokes her cock! In doggy and missionary, Cassies wishes are really coming true also! Onto her tits, Cassie shoots her load high in a closing, pleasure-driven moan, and London leans down for a kiss against this genie.

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