Lily LaBeau is Brutally.. –


The history between Lily and The Pope is quite interesting. The two have been together for many years and share a special bond. He jumped at the chance to work with her again when he received the call. She is now able to push herself to the limit and get as much experience as possible from her master for the first time. Her wrists are held against the wall and her ankles by steel shackles. As The Pope approaches, he raises her hands and spreads her legs. The Pope slowly moves her clothes to reveal her pussy and thighs, then begins the torture. After she is exposed, a number of floggers are employed to rub her skin. To make sure that she is properly suffering, her nipples will be tormented. The lovely Lily is next, bound into the chains of her suffering. After a while, we can now use the cane to trim this beautiful slut. We see the marks her breasts have from the previous brutal beating. Every strike brings pain. LilyA smiles knowing she’s being the good-looking slut she should be. After covering her face with a stocking and taping her mouth and eyes, she is then taped. The Pope then beats off the clothespins by placing them in sensitive areas. After she has suffered and obeyed, more orgasms will be given to her. Lily lies in her doggy pose and is locked with metal traps. The Pope finds LilyA’s weaknesses and the cane returns to give her more stripes. He uses Lily’s weakness of being ticklish to his advantage. She is forced to pummel uncontrollably after suffering severe tickle pain, bastinado and severe tickle torment.

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