Lithe Lovers –


Cayenne waits at the edge of the pool for her darker-haired lover Amirah to bring a drink to her. The girls sit and speak a little and they then start playfully leaking water on each other. Cayenne yells Amirah. She eliminates Amirahs coverup and sucks on her nipples. Then Amirah suckles Cayennes pert boobies. Then the women enter the water that is shallow and keep making out. Then Amirah goes from the pool and lies on some sunlight seat cushions and Cayenne begins eating and licking at her pussy. Cayenne licks and finger fucks Amirah to orgasm. Its Cayennes turn. She reclines on the cushions and Amirah goes down on her. Amirah expertly flicks her tongue licks and licks on labia and clit till shes on the edge. She adds the mix and her fingers, and finger fucks Cayenne until Cayenne has an intense orgasm, using quick long thrusts of two fingers. As Cayenne basks in the afterglow, then the girls french kiss deeply.

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