Little Rascals to L4 change –


Im at a really fancy hotel room, about to get a beautiful change:-RRB- Im wearing my pink Darth Vader t-shirt, a cute pair of jeans which have small stars and planets on these, my hot legs are bare, and so are tightly fastened to a soggy Little Rascals. Ive turned to make a warm and comfortable setting, and Ive put an cute Hello Kitty blanket to generate the room even more pretty. I get onto my hands and knees onto the bed so I can show off my pert butt, and I strike some cheeky poses and give it a wiggle! Whenever I change my position, I can feel my Little Rascals squelching like crazy, and I cant resist grabbing the crotch and giving it a shake:D But now its time for something fresh and crinkly, therefore I unfasten the Little Rascals and slip it off, before bending it up into a neat little bundle. I toss it on the floor, but because its so soggy and heavy, it lands with quite a thud, and anyone in the hotel space below me have to wonder what on earth is going on;-RRB- then spread out a crisp and fresh L4 about the duvet, and later climbing along with it, I lovingly strap myself in. It fits me beautifully, and right away Im savouring that brand rustling noise. Whats shrewd saying about a change being as good? 😉

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