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Aiden Starr and Sebastian Keys Celebrity in this Specific Article of Divine Bitches.

When these two time BDSM professionals and current partners get going, things get hot quickly! Sebastian begins within a shoulder suspension with his hands tied behind his back. He begins to sweat as the expectation of being used by this Goddess places in. Aiden places four collections of clover clamps on his balls and another set on his nipples. She also flogs his ass before obtaining a jolt to perform over his bum and thighs, turning them bright red. Sebastian screams fame and adoration for Aiden as she relentlessly smacks his thighs that are sensitive. When he could take no further in the harvest, Aiden utilizes the zapper to jolt him all over, paying special attention to his delicate nipples. Sebastian is collared and cuffed with a spider gag extending his mouth open. Since Sebastian drools all over himself, Aiden flogs his back and buttocks and canes his buttocks. She fucks his face with her fat cock. Sebastian takes as much as he can, gagging on her penis as he celebrities up in her best cunt. Then she takes off his gag and punishes him with her hands before spitting in his mouth. Now his mouth is stretched and ready, she starts to extend his other hole. She bites down on his balls, then stretching them since she works open his ass on her palms. Finally, she gives this hungry buttslut what he desires — her large hard strap-on cock. Sebastian yells his bum opens up about Aidens dick. His groans increase as Aiden plows his ass before turning him over to fuck him upon his knees. Utilizing the handle on his cage to hold him in position, she fucks the shit out of him because his collar punishes him with every powerful thrust. When his slut bum is good and open, she fucks him with her hands, filling his ass with four hands. As she incessantly milks his prostrate, Sebastian begs to cum. Finally, Sebastian is tied down to Aidens mattress. She edges him mercilessly as he begs to cum. However he doesnt get to cum ! Aiden utilizes his penis and sits on his face and allows this lucky slave worship her magnificent pussy and ass. She cums hard throughout his face as he bends on her perfect asshole. Then she continues to edge him till he explodes all over her handson. Delighted, she continues to operate his cock since Sebastian yells out, squirming to escape touch. Then she gathers up all his cum, then rubs it all on his face that is disgusting, and that makes him lick her fingers clean. Eventually, she strikes him with the cattle prod earlier leaving this cumslut in his own juices.

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