Luna Ora in Golden Moon –


Inauguration in to world of Wet and Pissy is one we couldve written around for a very long time. Shes young, shes appealing, and she has charisma and the confidence that we just see from women with much more experience. The seventeen minutes are uncut and they are packed with capability and an unrelenting desire to pee from positions and angles. Beginning with an authoritative hit the dining table, Luna climbs on top along with the action picks up rapidly from that point. She spreads her thighs open and open into the atmosphere on two distinct events, making her face wet at the second time. These minutes are dressed by her well after peeing by smiling at the camera, so imagining she enjoys an audience. Near the conclusion of the first halfand still before any editing, Luna gets on her knees and lets go of the last of her urine. Its shocking how much she has left, pissing out a different set of strong streams. Following a satisfying experience using a vibrator that is yellow, there’s a moment of tranquility at which we can appreciate her lovely facial features and moist hair yet time.

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