Luxury Cars Make This Chick.. –


Valentina Ross is all glammed up when her really attentive automobile salesman approaches with a luxury automobile, and then thoroughly checking it all out shes turned on and eager, just the cost remains a problem before those two seal the deal. But this knowledgeable salesman knows how to make certain they go home totally happy, and that usually means some fully dressed sex is to be able to sweeten the deal! Valentina may feign to resist at first, but she cant resist some great fucking when it drops in her lap, and before she finds it shes sucking and fucking directly over the hood of the vehicle, getting her hot, fashionable self properly fucked just like a model in a hardcore automobile calender! Valentina shows us exactly how much she loves cock, even though shes all glammed up and this chick cant withstand and operates it before the salesman explodes!

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