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Brandon Lewis goes back with us this week, here to help us welcome a new face. For all those unfamiliar with Brandon, Brandon is which Georgia twang in his voice, a South son with a smile and a thick dick to boot. Brandon will help us determine if its true that they really do develop them bigger in Texas. Wayne Manley is currently 25 years old and out of the Lone Star State. Steers and Queers they state, so were gonna need to find out which category this young stud drops right into. Wayne is a relaxed, laid back type of guy. His favourite thing to use is his vintage Mickey Mouse tee. Brandon is also laid back. His favourite article of clothing is a pair of tight jeans. He likes to find a set of tight blue jeans hot girls and guys. They both still use pornography to get away , Despite the fact that they work in pornography. We requested these two things the strangest place was where theyve gotten their rocks off. Brandon, grinning ear to ear, also admits he’s a member of the Mile High Club. Hmmm. This mustve been a tight fit with that country boy and one pushed into one baths. For Wayne his record is topped by sex at a ski bus stop… (Weren’t touching that one!) They make better acquainted since their hands begin to roam. As they start to kiss gently their lips meet. Brandon peels Waynes top off since he starts to lick around Waynes chest and torso which has some ink onto it. Wayne has tattoos scattered throughout that naturally smooth body of his. Brandon starts to work Waynes prick as it makes and develops rock hard. Once Brandon hauls that dick out, we can agree that matters really are bigger in Texas. Since Brandon goes to work on his cock wayne gasps. Brandons cock is rock hard and straining against his briefs. It will be feeling left outside for extended as Wayne drops wanting a taste of the South himself. As we hear Brandon say Stick it into your mouth thick dick comes out to play! Because he yells that cock as far down his throat because he can, you dont need to inform Wayne twice. Brandons penis is finally getting the attention it deserves as he talks to Wayne, telling him just how great it feels and exactly how to take action. Verbalwho hot, sexy and tall IS this guy? He continues to fuck the new guys face before ordering him. Wayne gets on all our starts playing that hot hole. He gropes and fingers that hole for it.You need that big cock into your ass making Wayne much more horny? Before putting Wayne on his back so that bum stretcher could slide indoors brandon teases. As that cock in ball slides deep for picking, waynes buttocks is too ripe for fuckin as a Georgia peach. That ass is fucked by wayne only grunts as Brandon. An over head shot reveals us the action like Brandon pistons which dick in and from Waynes hole. As he gets Wayne partially kneeling on the sofa for a fucking doggy style brandon then switches up things. Wayne is pushed by him forwards into place and slams that dick into that ass that cant seem to get enough dick. Brandons heavy balls slap away at that hole because Wayne does his very best to jack his throbbing cock and not lose his balance. Brandon is fucking that ass because he groans and fronts. He means business and that he aint messin. Want ride my dick? He asks as he sits and watches Wayne sit back on his thick cock reverse cowgirl. Wayne rides that dick like a pro as Brandon helps him make that dick deeper and also grabs his waist. You like that dick? As he gets closer and closer to orgasm brandon grunts. They blow off and blow their wads all over themselves as they egg each other on As soon as they are both close.

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