Marley Blaze Awaits Disgrace.. –


Waiting for the Master to appear attached against a pole was nerve racking. Theres no telling exactly what he’d planned . He persuaded me that I had a proper sexual disgrace. I took the time to consider my actions. He pushed on his face , when he eventually entered. I wasnt allowed to examine him. He desired my pussy moist so he caught a vibrator and teased lips and my clit. I have wet so fast. It has to have been his fingers stretching metal, tasting sweat and my mouth open. He untied me from the wall and bent me. He which makes me think it belonged to him and rubbed against my ass for awhile, spanked. The next thing I knew I was in my Masters, a fucking machine on speed between my thighs as well as my back cock slipping in and outside my throat. My spit dealing with orgasm intimidated me.

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