Marsha May & Bruno Dickemz –


Alice (Sara Luvv) wakes up from the weirdest dream. Her vision goes in and out of focus, although she fumbles for her glasses attempting to find out. Her mind is aching and she struggles to keep herself out of blacking out. Nevertheless, she is seized by the strangest feeling, and that she believes herself being pulled under and out of her self that is conscious. Alice gets out of bed, unable to remain inside her entire body. But a thing is currently competing for that area. Another personality is currently trying to break free. She makes herself at home at body that is Alices, and calls herself Al. Al is much more dominant compared to Alice, much more deliberate in her action, plus more self-confident. Al has tons of game, and no patience for bullshit makeup and hair. After Alices roommate Christy (Cadence Lux) wonders whats gotten into her, Alice tries to answer but the dominant Al suppresses her. Al starts hitting on Christy aggressively. She goes for Christys stimulation, the waterworks involving her knees. Al tells her make her squirt and she wants to lick at her g-spot, wetting Christys panties along with her dirty words. Al pulls at her in for a sensual kiss, and Christy exclaims, Are you packing heat?! The butch lesbian is wearing a double ended strapon, inserted inside her pussy. She informs Christy to take her clothes off so she can be comfortable when she eats her pussy. Christy obeys her control, clearly lusting for her tongue. Al licks her clit with a finger on her g-spot, then tantalizes her to fuck the strapon. After she climbs her, then Christy releases another, and a flow of squirt. Al gets soaked fucking the squirt out of Christys clam. Christy is helpless against Als ministrations and cums deeply. Before Al has an orgasm, then she moves into the restroom and blacks out again. But this moment, a personality comes out, called Alicia. She is a lipstick lesbian who likes to get fucked. Alicia prepares her self, and enjoys to be adorned just as a stone. She goes quite intentionally, and back to her roommate Christy, tells her exactly what she wants. Mesmerized by Alicias sensuality. Inserts the doubledong, as she squeezes it in to her 13, groaning. Alicia straddles her ladylike, riding her bubble ass down and up the shaft grinding from Christys hairy mound. Alicia bends , until she yells through her explosion, and Christy takes her behind, losing her mind viewing Alicias pussy swallow the strapon, rebounds with orgasm and begging for release. Alicia requires a last squirt in the face licking at one more cum from Christy. But if Alice resurfaces in and confused tears, how will Christy assist her friend return to normal, if such a thing exists?

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