Masseuse Listens To Her.. –


George is an actual Pro at what he can and takes his work very badly, massaging girls and soothing their pains away provides him real satisfaction, but every now and then a woman comes in for a remedy that rocks his world and he also finds it hard to hide his erection escaping from his linen uniform. This was the scenario when 22 year old Silvie began and came to flirt with George and was soon nude on her side with her legs up exposing her tight box and asking to have her hip repaired. Well a saint couldn’t refrain from these desire and George is just human after all, so he shortly found himself massaging oil to the young girls plump pussy lips and moving to slip his fingers deep in her petite hole causing her to moan and hold off the bed sheets because she shuddered and began to cum. In no time at all she had George on his back because she unleashed his tough weapon out of his pants, and punishes him in the eyes she started to suck and lick at it till he almost blew his load, but fear not George shortly reversed the fees and had her on her back as he awakens her in many distinct ways before leaving her young swollen pussy dripping filled with hot man sauce.

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