Matthew & Pavel –


Well, heres someone I didnt think wed hear from again!We last observed Matthew over four years back. I remember he had been really, very quiet.So imagine my surprise once I got a telephone call from him. And, he proved to be far more talkative! “I remembered you asked me if I wanted to fuck a dude,” he explained. “Well, I dont remember exactly,” I replied. “But Im sure I really did!” “Ummm…” he continued. “Things have changed a bit in my own life. I had been wondering whether the offer was still open. “Fast forward about a week and there he was sitting facing me. “Wow, you dont look any different!” I mentioned. And he didnt.Pavel was sitting next to him and he had been fascinated with the circumstance. “Thats quite cool,” he said. “Four decades later!” “Well, youre likely to break him in,” I said to Pavel. “Youre going for his first!”

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