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I put in my home to discover brat woman Michelle Peters laying around on the couch in her yoga trousers and sports bra. I confront her about the mess and the pantyhose and that she just reacts like the spoiled brat. She’s so damn lazy and I am tired of her bullshit. I wrestle her down to the ground and then catch her from behind in with a hands over mouth. I start taping her wrists up and grab her wrists behind her back. Layer upon layer upon layer of silver duct tape. I peel among her dirty smelly fur socks off and then push it inside her mouth by wrapping her pretty little panties with duct tape putting it real good. I then proceed starting with her knees and then add a great deal of tape all the way up to her knees. Poor Michelle moans through her gag mmmppping un-unnn, however I don´t care. I cut on one of her pantyhose and then XXXX it on her mind squishing her face under the stocking hood. I decide it´I wrap more duct tape and s lighting outside for Michelle. The small thing begins to cry because I lift her into a sitting posture and start taping her buttocks. Nice and tight like a cucoon. Michelle is totally darkened in silver duct tape and now that I have her putting on the sofa that her feet in my lap. I remove her health sock and her big feet are tied by me . A wonderful snug toe tie for the!! Michelle she will be tickle agony is told by me and that I start in about the soles of her feet tickling them while poor Michelle is sweating under the tape and totally helpless and at my mercy. I tikle Michelle squeals and her through her gag. My girlfriend sexy MILF Allura Skye comes over and takes my place. She tickling her bare toes and is having a terrific time embarrassing Michelle. She yells at severe & Michelle;s at and stuggling severe & Michelle;s toes wiggling furiously under her fingertips. I could do this all day little one Michelle that is mummified is told by her and I think I will you brat girl.

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